Endurance and Expectation

For the month of February, 2021

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Cat Card = Expectation
Dog Card= Endurance

Each issue, we draw at random one card from each of the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Decks, but ONLY after we’ve raised a question for the qualities and concepts of the cards to pounce on, taking us to a deeper understanding about our world and place in it. It never ceases to amaze us which cards working together bring an ah hah, told you so, or sometimes what the heck! into perspective.

February 2021 Card Draw

The question here is: How can we best prepare ourselves and get the most from the coming season?  Simple enough question, right?  Well, let’s see.

The Divine Dog is barking at us to focus on Endurance: Keep Your Eye on the Ball while the Cosmic Cat is meowing Expectation: Expect the Best.

Perhaps some of you are truly exhausted and wonder if the current situation is going to dramatically change or change at all. That exhaustion mixed with anticipation and curiosity is all a part of the whole ball of yarn we call Endurance. As the months go by and you adapt to the conditions and circumstances you’ve found yourself in, it has become increasingly clear what is most important to you and what may need to be released if it hasn’t already headed out on its own. Nothing clarifies values and priorities better than crisis, and that we’ve had plenty of!

Who and what do you love, and what keeps that love or passion fresh, alive and enduring?

Endurance is all about intention, the focus we put on what’s at hand and a larger vision of what could come about if we indulge ourselves in the art of allowing, making room in the bed for something bigger. Maintaining focus requires endurance.

That’s where Expectation comes into confluence with Endurance.

It may help to allay a higher level of fear to picture then release a worst-case scenario, but you don’t want to live there in pictures that likely won’t develop. That fixation only spells more suffering, which is just no fun at all and a waste of precious human and dog years. No, contrary to some popular human belief, holding high expectations for the best to happen, even and especially when you have no idea HOW that could come about is the very best RX for mind, body and spirit.

There’s plenty of research to back that up, some of which may be your own!  And here’s the trick you’re never too old to learn:

Expect the best, then let go of how you think it is SUPPOSED to be…and just follow the trail as it emerges. That’s the only way to get off leash, free yourself and have more fun in the moment.

In that way, you’ll do more than endure, you could end up with a basket full of balls!

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