Take a Closer Look. What is your truth? Not society’s, family’s or what is trending on social media or the news, but your truth? This is a good time to stop, be still, look harder, longer or deeper to ensure values, beliefs, actions and decisions align with your truth, what you know you know. Things are not always as they seem, yet you want to be seen for who you really are. Are you asking questions from your Soul? They will feel lighter than questions from ego fear and lead you to fulfillment of your heart and Soul’s desires. 

Prayer for Discernment

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) help me hold up a magnifying glass that looks outward and inward, lovingly examining my thoughts, feelings and underlying beliefs and values so I can be honest with myself. That is an act of kindness toward myself.  Help me be like a cat and discern what is in my highest and best good. 

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Prayer for Boredom

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Prayer for Caution

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  • Prayer for Leading

Prayer for Leading

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