A Real Treat Just For You!

Get Your Own Personalized Wisdom Card Reading for More Spring, Clarity and Rewards in Life

Like what you see and read about our Wisdom Cards? Wonder how the cards could be your best friend when you are up in the air, wondering what’s next in your life, trying to navigate a transition or create a new chapter? As the card creators, professional life guides and coaches we can help you get the most out of your cards with a personal reading, a deeper exploration of what a card and its theme might mean for you now. And what actions you could take to get or stay on a path of passion and purpose. The sessions are fun and rewarding!

In this hour long session you will:

  • Ask a life question and draw 1-3 cards before or during the reading.

  • Be guided to explore what the card/s mean for you in relation to the life question.

  • Be asked additional questions to gain more clarity.

  • Be given tips, tools or techniques that can help you go deeper with  your questions in order to gain greater insight into the question or issue.

  • Identify steps you can take to use the message of the card/s to enhance your life.

Sessions are $125.00

Group Work & Training

A Treat For Your Friends, Partners and Co-workers!

Help Your Friends and Others Fetch These Cards In Fun Group Creating and Group Sustaining Activities

  • As an icebreaker in a new group of people, have everyone pick a Wisdom Card.  You can ask each person to share why they think they picked that card or share a positive experience they’ve had with man’s best friend. Have someone else read to them what the guidebook says about the card they picked, so they just get to listen, then reflect. Then ask them if they have anything else to share. Modify this activity to fit the group.

  • When your group or team has a situation or challenge that needs addressing, frame the question or issue, then draw three cards, the first representing the past or background of the issue, the second the present situation, and the third representing the way forward on the issue. You can refer to the How To Use This Deck in the guidebook for more ideas.

  • When team members are reflecting on what they are bringing to the team or want to improve or add in their performance and contribution, each team member can draw a card and share what they think the card represents with regard to their contribution or desire to contribute.

  • When conflict is high, marital or business partners need some breathing room and a change in vibration. Before diving into difficult conversations, use the Divine Dog Wisdom deck to lighten up or help to dive under the surface to discover the core issue to be addressed so that things can shift in a more positive and loving direction.

There are many more relationship, group and team applications for the Wisdom Cards. You can schedule a consultation with Randy or Barb to learn more about how to use the deck with your people, project or mission.

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