Here’s a portion of what Jane shared with one of our monthly message subscribers concerned about their cat, and being constantly awakened far too early in the morning!

Hello Theresa,

Thank you for writing in response to EnlightenUp’s Monthly Message with questions about your cat Gracie. After time in meditation connecting with your particular situation, here is what came:

Gracie the Cat

Gracie is a highly sensitive cat that has experienced some degree of trauma. She may be highly sensitive to loud noises or hide if people start arguing with loud voices in her environment. She loves you very much and considers you somewhere between her mother and a demigoddess. Gracie seems ungrounded, slightly agitated but all in all a very lovely and wise animal.

I have several suggestions you may follow in the next 30 days.

Mending The Energetic Web

Hold her on your heart and say a prayer. if you’re not a religious person you may consider invoking the energy of goodness and unconditional love. The structure and words are secondary. What is important is establishing a heartfelt connection between the two of you in addition to, something greater such as Mother Nature, The Universe, God, whatever works for you.


I agree that she was weened too early so here is a good first step in helping her to stabilize her energy and to connect with you and the Universe or Greater Source.
Imagine that there is a root going from the bottom of your spine and Gracie’s body through the floor, the soil, the mantle of the Earth to the very center of the Earth. Breathe that stabilizing energy from the center of the earth back up through the mantle, the soil, the foundation of your house, the floor and into both your bodies to your hearts.

On another note, when I connect to Gracie she lets me know that she is also responding to energy that is going on in your bio-field or aura. She says that you have been hankering to write a book, tell a story or some type of creative project. If you look at my drawing you’ll see a butterfly in the shape of an open book above your head. She said that you have been yearning to express something meaningful and birth a new idea. Waking you up in the early hours of the morning is her way of encouraging you to start creating that project which is your heart’s desire.

Perhaps for the next 30 days you could consider allowing her to be your alarm clock and take the following action steps:

  1. Keep a journal and pencil by your bed. When Gracie wakes you up roll over slowly, thank her and feel the energy of gratitude flowing from your heart and enveloping her.
  2. Write down everything you remember about your dream. You are trying to get information for yourself.
  3. Spend an hour writing about the creation of your new fabulous project and how it will make the world a better place.

Namaste ;-)


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Author, artist intuitive, animal communicator, and medium for almost 20 years, Jane has studied with a Lakota Shaman, Buddhist meditation teachers, as well as at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her multiple-award winning book, Love Never Dies-A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories Of The Afterlife, is a first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife. Find her at

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