Praise for Wisdom Cards

“The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards are a refreshing breath of air among the plethora of oracle cards available today. They are playful, yet, at the same time provide insightful wisdom for use as an oracle deck. You’ll enjoy the illustrations and find them to be exceedingly accurate. If you’ve ever had a dog in your household or have one now, you’ll easily succumb to the charm and intelligence of these cards.”

“These wise guys came up with the idea of producing a whimsical deck of cards and guide book with some of the things they had learned from – and through – dogs over the years. Some are hysterical. Some are almost Buddha-like. All are very well done!”

Author Michael Fitzgerald

“I’ve been in the conscious living space for three decades and have seen a lot of wisdom card decks in that time. What I really appreciate about the Divine Dog Wisdom deck is how full spectrum it is.  It doesn’t try to bypass more challenging aspects of human experience and relationships. Instead, it helps us better understand what we all go through as humans and supports making wise choices from there. It does this better than any deck I’ve ever seen. It’s a product I’ll be recommending and using with clients for years to come.”

Paul Zelizer, Conscious Business Coach and founder of Awarepreneurs

“Dogs reflect the truth in human hearts while revealing our inner wisdom. A dog’s honesty teaches us about life as they are naturally forgiving, joyful, loyal, and live in the present.The team project of Barb Horn, Randy Crutcher, and featuring the illustrations of Teresa Shishim, “Divine Dog Wisdom Cards” is specifically designed and intended to inspire, delight, and entertain while offering meaningful guidance for daily life. Comprised of 62 unique cards portraying universal themes such as Passion, Purpose, Balance, Cooperation and more, this canine themed ‘wisdom’ deck and its accompanying guidebook offer users a fun yet deeply insightful and stunningly beautiful work of the heart.Unique, exceptional, eloquently expressive, meaningful, thoughtful and thought-provoking, ‘Divine Dog Wisdom Deck’ is truly exceptional and unreservedly recommended, especially to the attention of anyone who has a canine companion of their own.”

Mary Cowper
I thought long and hard about what I wanted to buy myself as a special birthday treat.  I found your Cosmic Cat Cards on Amazon and received them last night & I just now had a chance to look at them.  I am so HAPPY and impressed – the card stock, the box is heavy & nicely laminated.  The cards are nice size I have very large hands and long fingers and do not care for cards any smaller than yours.  I am “older” even though I will always be a Gemini Child ….so I appreciate the size of the book and the size of the font which is clear and easy to read.  I like the photo being top center and in color for fast and easy ID.  The art work WOW what can I say?  I am so so so happy about this purchase.  Thank YOU all for the Quality of the cards when so many companies cut corners and turn out shabby cards.  I appreciate the HEAVY box and the Wisdom Cards look to have much wisdom to impart.  What a wonderful company and group of people I found.  Me-ow!  Purr.

I just got my second edition today. LOVE it! … Bought a bunch of copies of the first edition for my dog agility friends because the price was super reasonable. They all got them today and are pulling cards already! Keep on doing what you’re doing because it’s making a difference in my life. ESPECIALLY during the crazy pandemic.


I just wanted to let you know that my cat hasn’t cared about any of my other tarot or oracle decks, but whenever I take this one out she comes over! I love having her pic cards watching her examine them all. I included a picture of her with her card drawings I thought you would enjoy.

V. Corp

“I’m working my way through the deck as a daily meditation… I’m enjoying the process very much! It’s a great way to get morning wisdom with a big smile or tug at the heart. I love the way the images and qualities they represent go together!”

Julie L.

You don’t have to be a dog lover to love these cards. You may or may not believe in some power that directs you to pick a certain card from the deck; whatever card you get you’re guaranteed to receive some important wisdom. Reading through the guidebook directly is another way to gain wisdom from these cards. Either way, you’ll appreciate these cards and the beautiful canine art work on them.

Jean K.

I never thoughts it would happen, but the Divine Wisdom Dog Deck replaced the Angel Cards in my bathroom. They are amazing. Each card displays a positive word / affirmation and a picture of a different dog breed. If you want additional information of that word there is a great guide book that comes along with them. I LOVE my Divine Wisdom Dog Deck! A perfect addition to any home or gift for the dog-lover in your life.

Sandy F.

Today I drew the Victimhood Card. Feeling trapped or vulnerable. Perfect! I need to stop doing stuff and be more aligned with what’s so. Slow down and rest. I love the support the card and guidebook gave me to do just that!

Erica F.

I absolutely LOVE,LOVE, LOVE my Divine Dog Wisdom Cards. I was so excited when I got them and I bought them as gifts sight unseen knowing they were going to be Great. The design of the cards are so well done and the joy they brings has made me smile. I can so see my dog saying what is written on the card. Beautiful Pictures and great art. Love, Love, Love.

Pattie P.

One of the really neat things was that one [of my students] picked the card with the theme of ‘Loneliness’ and the student sitting right next to her picked ‘Belonging.’ That led to a very interesting discussion about the two concepts and the kids experiences with each of those. The kids loved them and asked if they could use them again. Of course, the answer was a hearty ‘yes.’

A Teacher

I work in the human resources department in a medium size organization (400 employees).  My role entails coaching employees to find solutions, access resources and help them successfully navigate the work culture and environment.   When we are come to the end of our conversation, I often ask if they want to draw a card. Most have never seen a Divine Dog Wisdom card deck much less used one.  Most employees are very curious and say yes and they draw a card from the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck.  The card they select is always pertinent, adding insight to the topic we just discussed. It is magical!  The Divine Dog Wisdom Deck cards are inviting and engaging.  They raise curiosity and interest for the user to look deeper.  The cards focus attention on what they intuitively already know.  The use of the cards have led to productive and rewarding discussions and insights for employees in a way traditional tools might not.  This deck is a staple in my tool box now!

Annie M.

I’ve become acquainted with many different types of wisdom cards over the years but I have to say these are my all-time favorites. They’ve been spot-on when I use them to search for clarity, understanding, and answers. Besides providing amazing insight, they’re fun, playful, and beautiful just like our 4-legged friends. I’m so enchanted with them myself, I’ve given them as gifts to several very special people in my life. Each person has made a point to write me a thank you note about how they’ve enjoyed using them for themselves and with family and friends. These cards are truly a gift that just keeps giving! 

B. Mortier

I am a nationally certified counselor and a licensed professional counselor.  I use the Divine Dog Wisdom Card deck and guidebook with clients all the time.  When a client does not have a charged presenting issue or seems to not have clarity on what to work on next I have them pick a card and explore the guidebook.  I love that the guidebook doesn’t say the card means only one thing but has a variety of inquiries to explore for each card.  It invites the user to engage in their own reflection and meaning, like our real faithful companion pets do.  It always sparks or leads to the conversation or direction that serves the client.  This deck is a staple in my tool box.  I use them for my own guidance too!

Marianne Crom, MA, LPC, NCC

These cards were gifted to me and now after 3 weeks of daily use I don’t know how I sanely navigated my day without them.The individual readings are well written and the card I choose always seems to be the card that is needed not necessarily what I was expecting. 

Joni C-N

My god daughters love to pull a card during dinner and we take turns reading them to each other as the meal winds down. Excellent conversation starter and provides subtle and surprising insights to life.  The cards are high quality.Not just for dog lovers! 

Karen H.

I have been bringing Oracle cards into social situations for years. On group trips, in staff or project meetings to make connection, to inspire, to ask for direction, to tap into group energy and synergy.  Many of us are comfortable using Oracle decks in private but haven’t explored the dialogue, insights and connections we can create in the collective using cards. Many Oracle decks are intimidating and complex and the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck is universal and inviting because of our human connection to dogs as trusted companions.  As such, people engage with the dogs and find themselves going deeper, as deep as many Oracle decks and learning something about themselves, the situation or the group.


Fun, whimsical cards!  Love, LOVE these cards! Whimsical yet deep diving. Nice size and great quality card stock.

Trish on Amazon

Absolutely delightful, inspirational and fun! A perfect gift for everyone…dog lovers or not. Obviously a genuine labor of love from its authors. Thank you for creating it!

Anonymous from Amazon

Got my deck(s) yesterday and I’m thrilled with the exquisite illustrations but also the truely divine wisdom aspect that comes with the cards.The creators have obviously spent a lifetime accumulating well written, pertinent life lessons and offer them up in the guise of “dog wisdom”..brilliant and fun and praise- worthy all rolled into a deck of Tarot- like cards to use on a daily basis.

Anina Grossman

A delightfully fun way to gain wisdom and clarity.

Christine Freeland

Dogs teach us so much about life! We just need to pay attention to what they are telling us. What a great way to teach us (humans) how dogs can improve our lives by simply showing us how they live their life! These cards are well-designed and constructed. 

Jane B.

I own Joy Inc, Art and Tea and always have a deck out for customers to pick a card.  Regular customers come daily for their reading and purchase their tea and new customers purchase the cards. We are a small store but the number one retailer of Divine Dog Wisdom Cards in Durango, Colorado, selling in five months over 100 decks.  These cards engage people immediately, they learn something about themselves and often purchase more items in the store. People who have never used an Oracle or Wisdom Deck want these and more. They are a staple product along with our great selection of teas!

Heidi R., Joy Inc, Art and Tea

If you love dogs (and even if you don’t love dogs), you will LOVE THIS!!! These images show the wonderful, unconditional qualities of joy, love, acceptance, forgiveness (you name it)- dogs do them way better than we “humans” ever do. This product captures all of this in such a beautiful, artful form. I can think of so many ways I may use these(even beyond what the creators suggest) – one may be a family game night during which every one picks a card and they tells a story based on the quality/card they picked. 

Pixie H.

I am a Certified Life Coach and use cards with clients all the times and use them with my family to test them. My 20 year old son was leaving for a road trip and I asked him to pick a Divine Dog Wisdom Card. He groaned but did anyhow. Earlier that morning he had shared with me a discussion he had with his girlfriend about how he needed to cultivate more empathy and compassion in his life. Guess what Dog Card he picked later that day? Empathy. He stood there and smiled. It was a moment, however brief we shared a meaningful connection. This is what Divine Dog Wisdom Cards have brought me, moments that are rich, deep and inspiring, every time I use them.

Cynde M.

What a great combination of wise, practical, witty, and flavorful puns to keep you smiling and finding great depth in each card. I love the different dog images, the artsy way they are presented, the cool book that has a ton of info and great suggestions and overall a great deck of wisdom to use with or without a dog! A gift to share with others. 

Karin L.

We want to thank you for the wonderful gift of the Divine Dog Wisdom deck. We had a fabulous time as a family playing with them! Five year old Jens came up with the idea of asking a question about 2018 so we asked what would be helpful to understand or know in 2018. We each picked a card for ourselves with that question in mind. It was spot on! Will and I taught Jens how to feel the energy in the card wanting to be chosen. He got totally into it and then asked about how the light can get stronger against the darkness (he watches a lot of Star Wars too), what we need to do to stop wars from occurring. It was amazing the cards that he chose (and the language in the guidebook). Of course we had to explain some of the concepts and language but he totally got it and we all loved doing it together. I would love to get these as a gift for some other friends and wondering if we find them on Amazon or directly from your friends. I would love to know more about the people who created them.


“We’ve sold three decks at our store in five days. Pretty much unheard of unless it’s an absolute winner!  Send more.”

Dianne Fresquez, President/CEO, For Heaven's Sake - New Age, Inc.

“My brother-in-law and my sister just love the gift of the Divine Dog Wisdom card deck whose guidebook you signed for Robert’s birthday. A card “accidentally” dropped out when my sister was moving the cards from the bottom of the box to the top, and it was the “Tenderness” card. It was perfect, as they have a beautiful golden German shepherd who is sweet friends with one of their two cats. My sister was pretty amazed at the synchronicity of that!”


“Thank you for sending me a copy of Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards.  I want you to know I love my cards and my 7th set for friends arrived today.  They are really life changing.”

M. Carter

“When I first heard about the Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards Kickstarter, I immediately pledged the “Two is ALWAYS Better than One!” reward level to receive two personally signed copies because it’s always better to have a backup copy for emergencies.”

“When I received my deck, I did my first round going through all the beautifully illustrated cards and was drawn to 4 in particular: Aloof, Comfort, Instigator and Tolerance. As it turns out, these four cards accurately described my current situation and the guidebook supported me by stating helpful information. If you are a cat lover like me, I highly recommend getting your copy of the Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards!”

“After the Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards, I was given the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards as a gift which has an equally beautifully designed card deck as well as an accompanying booklet describing each card with witty humour posing insightful questions to ponder. These are my top ten favourite cards in alphabetical order from this deck: Belonging – Find Your Pack, Forgiveness – Set Yourself Free, Loneliness – Longing to Belong, Loss – Allow Yourself to Grieve, Openness – Embrace the Possible,  Patience – Any Day Now, Protection – Put Up Your Guard, Self-Worth – Love What You See, Significance – You Be You, Surrender – Let It Go. I can say with certainty that the Divine Dog Wisdom Card would make an excellent gift for any dog lover!”

Verena Fuchs

“These cards are FABULOUS and just the most delightful energy.Great oracle deck. Love them and the fast ship.
Blessings…. many blessings.”


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