Meet the Authors

Following our passions from a call of the wild: our wild imaginations.

Barb is a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist (CCHT), SoulCollage© Facilitator, Cosmic Clown, Toe Reader, Mentor, Ceremonialist, Inspirational Emcee, and Levity and Laughter Coach. She is also the founder of the All Embracing Change (.com) community, which supports individuals in a journey to uncover and claim their wisdom, voice, and power.
Randy is an author, psychologist, counselor, personal and professional development coach and organizational facilitator. He is certified as a Passion Test Facilitator and Master Trainer working with people around the globe to help them help others lead lives of passion, purpose and fulfillment.

Our Mission

Through its unique publications, products and services EnlightenUp serves to provide inspiration and levity for a life well-lived.

Signature Products: The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards Deck and Guidebook and The Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards Deck and Guidebook

Our Story

Co-authors Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher produced this special EnlightenUp product to express some of the highest wisdom gleaned during their many years of living and learning from dogs in order to inspire and uplift dog and wisdom lovers planet-wide.

As a child, Barb put a leash on a life-size stuffed dog and “walked” it around the neighborhood, as a real dog was not an option in her family. In high school she raised two gerbils, named Coca Cola and Pepsi, as dogs. Over the years she has been a loyal companion to many real dogs and is now imbued with the spirit of Dog.

Randy spent his early adult years living in large households with as many dogs as people (one of his homes was dubbed “Dog’s Prairie.”) He spent some good and memorable years camping and hiking on high mountain trails with his dog Hi-Bear, a St. Bernard/German Shepherd /Lab mix. He regularly observed the behavior and habits of his wonderful canine friends and regularly swapped dog stories with his human friends.

“These wise guys came up with the idea of producing a whimsical deck of cards and guide book with some of the things they had learned from – and through – dogs over the years.
Some are hysterical.
Some are almost Buddha-like.
All are very well done!”

Author Michael Fitzgerald

Cat & Canine Endorsed

Our Cosmic Cat & Divine Dog Wisdom Cards are
dedicated to and endorsed by the Kitty & Canine Councils of Wisdom.

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