Instigator- Gotta Start Something. Sometimes we need a poke to get off our butt and move our lives forward. Sometimes we are that poke for others. Poking for the sake of a reaction is not productive, but nudging that sparks movement, an idea, 0r gets the energy moving again is beneficial. This is not nagging, it is dabbing at what is ready to birth. Maybe you need to poke a group or a team that needs a little stirring up. Make it fun, don’t poke and run! Get creative and bring joy and curiosity to the poke! Cats love to stir things up just to see what will happen. Don’t be relentless, but bring your curiosity.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) let’s stir things up. Guide me to where or when I am resisting my own need to move or get going. Let me see and experience that as a gift or an opening. Help me instigate from a place of love, curiosity, and service to the whole. It is time for something new, to get edgy, and move toward my destiny.

Prayer for Instigators

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