Pay Close Attention. To your hearts desires. To your body – all it has is gestures and feelings to communicate to you. It loves you, even if you don’t like it. Listen to the birds, the wind and the sun rising.  Listen, really listen, with full presence, to a loved one, a friend, a co-worker.  Listen to what is underneath their words and the words you speak.  Listen for what you need, listen for connection to humanity. Listen as an act of kindness to yourself.  Then be brave and act on what you hear — be wide-eyed and ears up!

Prayer for Listening

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) let me slow down and be present with myself no matter what is swirling around me demanding my attention. Once. A. Day. Let me paws and listen to my heart and my body. Let me check in with my breath and connection to all of life.  Let me ask what is underneath my words where my needs are waiting to be heard. Let me provide that presence for others as an act of kindness to myself.

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