Oh My God! We might be tired of surprises and even numb to them, at least the kind that illuminate separation, divisiveness and disturb what we may have deemed solid, safe, unthinkable or settled. We are surrounded by more uncertainty and unknown than ever before and that leaves us uncomfortable. We prefer the safe surprises of a birthday or holiday gift. We often base our reaction to a surprise on a myth or story of how it should be.  For cats, everything is new, curious and a surprise, even as they demand their rituals be fulfilled and play with that same toy. Our souls didn’t come here to stay the same, they came to experience something new.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) help me reframe the uncertain, surprising landscape as part of evolution. While I am not in control of all dimensions, I am in control of my response to change.  I am grounded on my two feet, remembering to breathe, cultivate my inner strength, and trust intuition to respond from my power and grace.  Let my heart shine through my actions and hold love and light, for myself and all beings, even in the most challenging surprises.

Prayer for Surprise

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