You have all you need right now. That can be a challenge to remember when we are deep in the mud and muck of life.  It can be challenging when all you know and maybe have ever known is in question, maybe your home, income, relationship, health, society, planet or even yourself.  Being a chrysalis, the caterpillar dying, without awareness of the potential to become a butterfly, or being in the chaos of change and evolution it is easy to forget we are okay.  It is in the surrender of control we begin to remember we have all we need right now, in this moment.  Dogs live in the moment, they do not worry where their next meal, hug, friend or joy will come from. They show us simple faith by being who they are in the moment.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) wherever I am letting fear, anxiety, anger or any other vibration separate me from myself, from you, from my power to remember I have all I need right now in this moment. From that place I will see, feel, manifest whatever I need in the next moment. Help me cultivate faith when I doubt, reframing doubt as a gift to remind me of my faith, strength and possibilities.

Card Prayer for Faith

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