Keep Your Eye on the Ball. Focus makes things happen or progress. It is time to keep your eye on the ball no matter what, once you are sure the ball is your true priority. Make a plan and stick to it with loving devotion. Circle back, look around and get rid of distractions, habits, beliefs and relationships that are keeping you from moving forward. This is the difference between those that succeed and those that stay stuck. They see any doubt or obstacles as ques to ask more questions, learn more, go back to the plan and adjust versus whining and laying down. Dogs don’t judge and criticize themselves when they lose site of the ball; they keep looking.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) help me identify my ball and the game plan. Give me the guidance and strength to let go and let be all distractions. Help me put my life energy into my game with joy and excitement. It is okay if it is slow going; I know I am making progress. Speed or perfection are not the goal, just a steady pace toward my goals. I am kind to myself along the way if I lose site of the ball, as anything else is harmful to me and those I love. 

Prayer for Endurance

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Prayer for Leading

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Prayer for Discernment

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Prayer for Listening

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