Stay with the Process. A hunter has a plan and tenacity that knows its prey and it ability to succeed. A hunter is grounded, persistent and focused. Chaos, doubt or any activity or emotions are blocked out during the hunt. That kind of tenacity is what is needed for you to achieve your goals and progress. The distractions, chaos, dissolution and uncertainty amps up and so does your focus on progress. A hunter doesn’t allow themselves to be distracted by anything that is not serving progress. Whatever it is you want or need requires this kind of tenacity, especially now.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) give me the strength to let go of what is not serving what I need and want right now. Give me the wisdom to stay focused and aligned with my truth, as well as who and what supports me: What I eat, what I read or listen to, who I hang with and what I trust and believe, including the words and stories I tell myself. There is no room for doubt or hesitation, I chose to hunt for the better of humanity and myself.

Prayer for Staying the Course

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