Get On Key. You may be needing to see or feel the natural order of things in the midst of seeming chaos—and know you play a vital part in that howling chorus of people, places and things we call life. It is time to bring yourself back into harmony with your truest self and passions. Harmony is less about doing and more about being. Stop to listen to the notes playing within yourself that perhaps are singing for more rest, peace, play or fun. Perhaps forgiveness, letting go and letting be? What would it take to get you back on “key”, hitting all the notes that produce for you the most pleasing sense of wholeness?

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) grant me the grace of inner harmony, especially when I feel off key. Guide me to listen to the notes and melodies that return me to my natural state where I am grounded in love, happiness and security.   

Prayer for Harmony

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