Take Your Licks. You either are in need of care and encouragement or are called upon to offer it. Perhaps you didn’t receive the kind of nurturing you needed as a kitten and as a result you may not trust others to provide for you or give yourself permission to ask for help. Now might be a good time to let down your defenses and let help in. If you are called to help another that doesn’t mean you have to curl up in their nest or lick their wounds. When you hear their cat call your response can be an authentic gesture of concern to simply listen. Doing something with them may be more empowering than doing something for them.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) grant me the grace of nurturing myself.  Allow me the grace to know when only I can provide the nurturing I need and when to ask and accept encouragement from others. Allow me to slow down and be aware of others. Give me the courage to ask what they need and listen to their response, as I don’t know what is best for them but they do.

Prayer for Nurture

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