First Winter Card Draw

For the month of January, 2021

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Cat Card = Risk, Take a Chance
Dog Card= Cooperation, Better Together

We asked the question: What would help everyone enhance their well-being in the weeks ahead?
And then we picked at random from both the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat card decks.

January 2021 Card Draw

Risk? Haven’t so many of us been trying to minimize our risks and get through this time staying as healthy as we can? Well sure, and there is another side (or two) to that card concept. The cat in space is going where no cat has gone before, and isn’t that us? There are signs out there that clue us in to some new possibilities, but in the final analysis, space is wide open, and much can occur, and quickly. Bringing it closer to home, what new way of thinking and being could you risk exploring now? What have you got to lose by taking a chance on finding a new passion, practice, activity or group that could help restore and renew you at the deepest cosmic soul level….or at least make you breathe, laugh and love like never before?

In the movie Zorba the Greek starring Anthony Quinn, he is the character that decides to surrender to the collapse and ruin of held expectations, and just dance. But he does not dance alone! That’s where the Cooperation card comes in.

Zorba opens his heart wide open to his “boss,” they hug and laugh in the face of misfortune, and then they dance together under a wide-open sky. And you realize that is what we really have, even before the dust settles, as it may still be swirling about us. We have something solid beneath and around us, a knowing that things will not only get better, they are better when we are together. Every moment we spend in thinking about, strategizing and taking action to cooperate is a moment well spent. It is a reward in itself. It is a coming home. It is who we are, Better Together.

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