Rest & Wisdom

For the month of September, 2019

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Cat Card : Wisdom- Let Your Light Shine
Dog Card: Rest- Take a Time-Out

It’s never an accident– the cards we draw from the deck in response to our question, energy or mood. But it can be surprising, a bit disturbing and often delightful. 

These dog and cat quality inspired cards, like other wisdom cards, mirror their user’s state of mind, feelings, hopes, desires and dreams. And more than illuminating an individual perspective, they also serve as a conduit to a collective unconscious, a pipeline that allows anyone to tap into a powerful field of knowledge and wisdom beyond their own lived experience. And so, in this last month of the year, from the possibility of choosing from a possible 60 Cosmic Cat cards, the last card in the deck turned up, WISDOM.

December 2020 Card Draw

What is the wisdom in and of this time? In the shadow and darkness of this period of uncertain length with its global pandemic, a viral spiral bringing so much and so many to their knees, perhaps the gift of wisdom is that now more than ever WE MUST SHINE OUR OWN LIGHT, take charge of our lives like never before beginning with getting crystal clear on what we are passionate about, what inspires us, what is truly and deeply most important, then focus like a laser beam on expressing that, giving that, presencing that.

Now, more than ever, we realize how little we have control over, yet paradoxically how much control we do have over the choices we make about where to spend our time, energy and money. Institutions will rise and fall, some big and small are right now, based on the individual choices and decisions you and I make that cumulatively determine not only the quality of your life but the quality of others—and all sentient beings.

Keeping our responsibility for our choices in mind, out of 62 possibilities, the dog card that fell out was REST. Hah! How much in our lives has nearly forced us to, as they say, give it a rest! This global forced time out from business as usual provides its own kind of challenge and opportunities. With a focus on dire unemployment statistics, one might easily miss all the other human endeavors that are popping up like mushrooms to meet that Mother of Invention, Necessity, head on. Tremendous ingenuity, creativity and productivity have been unleashed. Some say there will be no going back, at least not all the way to how it was, much that never worked in the first place. As with musical composition, without rests there is no music! Which brings us to the other meaning of rest, more a self-care admonishment and encouragement in one. If we don’t slow down, take stock, spend time with our loved ones, lavish attention on our own health and well-being, we’ll be of little value to ourselves and others. So, let this card be your Get Out of Jail card if you’ve been imprisoned in old routines and habits that no longer serve your highest well-being. What can you do now—skip the hot air resolutions! —right now—to relax, breathe, notice your surroundings and the incredible abundance of simple pleasures you may have taken for granted in your old too-busy-life to stop and smell the roses?

We bow to your beauty and grace and meow to the wonder and awe of your power to make a difference. Be well in this turning of the year to a brand new one full of fresh hopes and dreams. 


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