Balance – Steady as She Goes

For the month of September, 2019

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Dog Card= Balance, Steady as She Goes

When asked what is most needed now in the largest sense and for the largest number in history (a very large subject), this Bull Terrier spoke to us through one of the 62 Divine Dog Wisdom Cards. What? A terrier on a skateboard? Bull Terriers are said to be trainable, stubborn, keen, sweet-tempered, active, protective. Kinda sounds like someone near and dear.

We’d be a bit preachy if we told you what you already know. Things have been a bit out of balance lately—politics, the weather, our work, social life…. how long IS this list anyway?

There is this concept known as homeostasis, coming back into balance, into a centering place. 

And note the first part of the word, HOME. Spending much time there? Some are but not everyone is, as the human world reshuffles work and jobs and school and just about everything.

November 2020 Card Draw

The concept of Balance as we see it suggests a coming home to oneself before anything can finally roost— (sorry, no Chicken Cards yet!). A self that is aware of, well, itSelf. A Self that is not contained and apart, but one that knows it’s special, perfect, creative, lovable, powerful and completely hitched to everything else in the Universe, in fact is a particle of the whole, even when we don’t wholly believe it!

So, the Balancing Act becomes one of standing on or in your truth now. What do you in your heart of hearts believe is most essential for your well-being and what can you let go of? If you were to list the top three things that fill you up when your bowl is drained, what would they be? We suggest that for you to come back to HOME-OSTASIS,  your oasis? you feed those immediately. Just as you, a responsible pet owner— or one who would be if you had a pet— would not deprive or deny your beloved animal food, water, and hopefully fun and play, why would you deny yourself your own sustenance one moment longer?

When you really get you are a part of the bigger picture, even when it’s blurry or you’d desperately like to step out of the frame, you will come home to the truth that feeding yourself first is an essential first step in bringing the WHOLE WIDE WORLD back into balance. In this way, despite no one really knowing what comes next, you will be among those to be Steady As She Goes. And we really need you that way, we really do!

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