Two Dog Day- Resistance and Contentment

For the month of September, 2020

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card or cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Dog Card = Resistance: Resist What Persists
Dog Card = Contentment: Be Satisfied

Every month we draw a card or two for the Divine Dog or Cosmic Cat Wisdom decks to help guide ourselves and others through the next period of time in a way that can spark, inspire or support.


September 2020 Card Draw

Curiously Randy’s intention this month was to draw a card from each deck, but what happened was he drew a dog card, focused on its theme, then went to draw a cat card and noticed a dog card lying face up, one he did not pull from the deck, lying right next to the cat deck. Following intuition, he decided that it must be a two dog day! Thus, our two Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Resistance and Contentment emerged in a pair.

Straight from the DDWD guidebook, “if you fetched the Resistance card, it means you are pulling away from or pushing against something important that needs to happen in your life. In some area of life you’re resisting a change, a shift, or a move that either gets you out of your comfort zone or does not make sense from your current perspective.”

Gosh, what could that be? It seems there is so much to resist in so many lives right now and some may feel they’ve been shot like a rocket out of their old familiar comfort zones, and truly, much does not make sense….at least yet.

The energy of resistance is a natural reaction to any change, usually our first reaction, whether it’s something someone said, did, or something we feel forced to do against our will. It often boils down to the fundamental fear of change and perhaps doubts about our capacity to make that change. So how do we deal with that fear?

Back to the guidebook, “resistance can be a good warning whistle….it shows where in your inner world of thoughts, beliefs and stories you need updating, healing, or more freedom to be who you really are. When we acknowledge and explore our resistance, we begin to unleash the power to navigate change. We can then take steps toward meeting our deepest desires, instead of straining and getting nowhere.”

And here’s where the Contentment card makes its timely appearance. Per guidebook, “If you fetched this card, it means that you want to fill yourself up, or give your life “content” that pleases and satisfies. You may want to dream the good dream, while keeping your paws firmly on the ground……. it’s having the insight that the world is not under constant attack but rests within the larger cosmic scheme, where order exists within chaos and not apart from it.

……..Reflect on the content of your life and what brings you that deeper satisfaction—what fills your days and gives you pleasure: friends, family, colleagues, work projects, learning, travel, designing, building, sports, spiritual practices, service to others…….”

Of course more is said, but these excerpts help give us some breathing room, larger perspective and the inspiration to carry on amidst the shock waves of change. It’s not either or but both. We naturally resist and we seek contentment. When we bring awareness to this contraction and expansion within us, we gain more freedom to choose and to act in our own and other’s best interests. 

May all beings including you be at Peace as we enter a new season of change and possibility.

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