For the month of August, 2020

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Cat Card = Grace, Everyone is Connected

Regular readers know that we ask either the Divine Dogs or Cosmic Cats what our focus should be during a moon cycle or so. This month seems to be a grace period, pun intended. It goes beyond gratitude and counting blessings, be they a garden harvest or the support and resources most needed at the time they are needed. Grace may on the one paw be considered a place, both literal and figurative. Your place where you feel safe and sheltered and connected but not cloistered. Connected with what brings you most to life, what inspires and energizes you, particularly now amidst this global experiment with uncertainty.

August 2020 Card Draw

What have you found to be most meaningful in your life this season? (People, places, things)

On the other paw, what takes you even deeper, into a realm that seems both unreal and right in some way? Grace is conceptually slippery, an ineffable quality or presence that ultimately brings it all together somehow, if only momentarily, a felt sense in our own body, mind and spirit. It’s a gift that transcends all other gifts. When you are “grace full,” you move through the world with greater ease and peace of mind. 

That rarely if ever happens automatically. Something led up to a moment of grace and it was probably what you have invested in your own self-care and co-creation, step by step, even if you could not see any linear or non-linear progression toward it.

And perhaps Grace is a fuller realization that underlying all the surface waves of tension, unresolve, unpredictability, real or perceived danger, is a field where all beings meet and greet in and out of form, where evolution’s rubber meets the road and the sand boxes of new dreams, new hopes, new projects all join in a larger playground of LIFE.

Now is a good time to own your own sandbox, letting castles that need to wash away do so such that new ones can arise that better fit your needs and circumstances. Now is the time to allow a new sense of ease and grace to penetrate your life, so you realize it’s not all on your shoulders to make things happen. The larger forces of love are with you and support you all the way!


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