For the month of July 2020

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Dog Card= Faith

This month one card was drawn from the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck and we let that one card lead us to this mid-summer’s theme—FAITH.  The question put to the deck before the random draw was, “What is the most important theme for the human world today?”

As you study this card in some detail, what do you see? Exactly! As with many themes and qualities that express our shared existence, hopes and dreams on this green and blue planet—interpretations– your own included, may vary!

Here are some of ours.

July 2020 Card Draw

There are different kinds of faith operating in minds and hearts today that guide how we think, feel and act in our part of the world, and world round.

For instance, there is blind faith, a faith that does not question, seeks absolutes and certainty, and often an unquestioned outside or external authority that provides the ultimate answers, usually quite black and white. This kind of faith is often impervious to reason, logic, science and anything that smacks of shades of gray or uncertainty. One need not wander far to see this kind of faith operating in our upturned world today. In fact, it is a default defense mechanism for many exposed to crisis and stress. Understandably, much of today’s “psychic load,” in the face of rapid change and crisis of one kind or another colliding with or stalking humans can push those predisposed into a blind corner, compelled to rely on some sort of comfort based on their tribal affiliation or authority figure of choice.  Blind faith opens one to manipulation, deception and falsehood. It’s not in anyone’s interest, even the “tribe,” that is locked into its dreamlike trance.

There is another kind of faith that allows for greater individual freedom coupled with responsibility. When one is confronted by change, as we all invariably are, there is the possibility to open and become more vulnerable, even when defensiveness and contraction would seem a natural reaction if one feels their identity or very existence is under attack by some real or perceived enemy or danger. This is a faith that comes with eyes wide open, an embrace of a wider knowledge– not an all knowing– but a clear choice to take in all and any aspects of a situation before quickly reacting, shutting down or turning off. This is a faith that views and weighs a multitude of perspectives and other’s experiences, while still adhering to basic pro-human core values. This is a faith that can live or learn to live with the unpredictable, the uncontrollable, the ever-changing nature that lies at the heart of every being’s existence. This is a faith that lives out beyond good and bad, right or wrong, in a field where so much more potential and possibility for justice, peace, love, compassion, creativity and harmony abound. This is a faith that can be and is cultivated in our young and renewed in adults of all ages, when a deeper wisdom is unleashed, a wisdom that is already inherent in every new child that comes into the world expecting to be loved, expecting to love, expecting to be cared for and nurtured, expecting to be connected to everyone and everything, no exceptions. It is a faith that you are enough just for being uniquely you, you are worthwhile. It is a faith that everyone and everything else in the world is truly a reflection of you, a part of you, and you a part of them.

May your bowl runneth over!

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