Untouchable Times


From Tammy Billups, Sundance Healing Center Touch plays such a vital and important role in our emotional state. While certainly not all touch is positive, the health benefits of being kindly touched has been proven time and time again. During a hug we release oxytocin, which is also known as [...]

Gracie the Cat


by Jane de Forest Here’s a portion of what Jane shared with one of our monthly message subscribers concerned about their cat, and being constantly awakened far too early in the morning! Hello Theresa, Thank you for writing in response to EnlightenUp’s Monthly Message with questions about your cat Gracie. [...]

Trinket Worthmore


Featured Kitten: Trinket Worthmore Trinket Worthmore is huge 6-month old orange tabby kitten. He plays hard, can jump over 5 ft in the air after his favorite toy, and purrs up a storm. He even likes to be held. He has such a sweet personality we don’t know why he [...]

Tickle Nurbington


Featured Kitten: Tickle Nurbington Tickle Nurbington is a knockout medium haired silvery tabby. She's 7 months old and very affectionate. She’s a bit sassy when meeting new cats, but gets along perfectly with her current foster friends and she loves her brother and sister (Flapjack and Sugarsnaps). For information on [...]

Boom-Boom McGillicuddy


Featured Kitten: Boom-Boom McGillicuddy Boom-Boom McGillicuddy is 8 months old, and is going to be huge one day. He’s completely relaxed and affectionate with everyone he meets or he can be crazy-playful depending on his mood. Boomie has silly markings: an “ink-dipped tail,” a single black spot on his white coat, [...]

Anubis The Dog


by Jane de Forest © 2019 I was recently hired to communicate with a dog named Anubis. But it didn’t take an animal psychic to see that the RoFweiler was, at minimum, in a bad mood. He snarled and eyed me suspiciously while the dog’s human, Salina, shared her concerns about his [...]

Buzzbee Bickelfish


Featured Kitten: Buzzbee Bickelfish Remember Matilda, our last featured Kitty? Well, Buzzbee is Matilda’s son. He’s a year old, tall and lanky, with huge owly eyes, crisp tabby spots and stripes. He looks like a Bengal he’s so tall and agile. He’s outgoing, friendly, playful and gets along with other cats. [...]

My Tiger’s Keeper


by Jane de Forest © 2019 Hello, my name is Jane — I talk to animals and sometimes they talk back to me. Recently I was called to do an intuitive session for a tiger, or rather for the tiger’s keeper. This “big cat” sanctuary was home to a variety [...]

All Things Connect


by Jane de Forest © 2019 “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  - Chief Seattle As you will read in my blog articles as [...]

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