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I was recently hired to communicate with a dog named Anubis. But it didn’t take an animal psychic to see that the RoFweiler was, at minimum, in a bad mood. He snarled and eyed me suspiciously while the dog’s human, Salina, shared her concerns about his health or perhaps a depression that her beloved pooch was suffering from.

I sat on the floor near Anubis and centered, following my breath. Then, I imagined myself connected to the web of all life (my secret formula and it relaxes the animal), and finally, asked for help from animal guides and angels.

Anubis The Dog

Focusing my mind, I asked Anubis the dog what was wrong and waited for his answer. Soon imagery and feelings were flowing—I drew some red angled lines
on my pad with crayon. Agitation filled my body—a crash, something had broken dramatically—I heard a loud bang and felt a commotion.

“Ok good job Anubis” I said out loud to the canine, and then reported my findings to Salina.

“Well we break wineglasses now and again, so maybe I dropped something on the floor. But certainly nothing out of the ordinary,” Salina said as she scoured
her memory. “Nope, sorry Jane, nothing like that of significance.”

I looked back at the dog. I asked again slowly, directing my mind to contact the dog’s mind, “Why are you upset?” Again, in my head I psychically “heard” a
loud crashing sound and felt a deep concern—empathically.

“Anubis is saying that a loud crashing sound upset him and that he is greatly concerned.” I took another run at it.

“Well, we live next to the railroad tracks, so maybe that’s it.” Anubis’s human is a kind person and wanted to make my information fit.

We continued with the animal communication session and addressed some other issues Anubis was having.

Selene called me several days later with a revelation—her elderly mother had fallen on the tile floor a week prior and broken her pelvic bone. Only the dog was home, he knew something was wrong and stayed by her mother’s side until the ambulance came.

Selina had an idea! She put the dog in her car and drove Anubis to the rehabilitation center for a visit with her elderly mother. It was hard to tell who was happier, she or the dog, and after some quality time together, the dog’s mood improved steadily; he began to eat and play again. Selina’s mother felt much better too.

To many of us, it is unimaginable that animals could understand and remember events from the past. But what touches my heart is the concern and compassionate man’s best friend really is.

Disclaimer: Jane’s opinions and insights are from her own perspective and experience and should not be used in place of veterinary advice or other professional counsel.

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Author, artist intuitive, animal communicator, and medium for almost 20 years, Jane has studied with a Lakota Shaman, Buddhist meditation teachers, as well as at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her multiple-award winning book, Love Never Dies-A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories Of The Afterlife, is a first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife. Find her at

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