For the month of September, 2019

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Cat Card = Watcher, Be Your Own Witness
Dog Card= Tenderness, Gentle Loving Care

We are about to observe and celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, the time when day and night (sun= external life and moon= internal life) are of equal length.  Leading up to this time has been the real or metaphorical focused work of planting, weeding, watering and nurturing the garden to reap the final harvests for this fall in the temperate zone. It can be an impatient, unclear or chaotic time. Is your life feeling out of kilter at the moment?  Does your outer world mirror your inner world or hearts desires?

September 2019 Card Draw

This could be a good time for some stillness or carefree play. You can detach for a bit giving yourself some separate space to notice the feelings and thoughts that are driving you.  Out of that self-loving gift only you can give yourself what may emerge are your purest intentions for your life and what it is you most want to harvest in relationships, income or other external rewards and creations.

Perhaps you could frame a larger perspective bigger than your wants and needs, to see further into your soul’s mission in the larger scheme of things. As per the selected Cosmic Cat Wisdom card, witnessing is not the same as being passive and just waiting for things to happen to you.  It’s about cultivating  the ability to see what is behind or underneath the “doing”, drama, power struggles, situation or emotions running you. This larger perspective brings any resistances you have out in the open, what’s dark into the light— to be examined, accepted and possibly released. It allows you to more freely move from here to there, to a higher level of integrity between your inner world and its outer expression. By starting with acceptance around where you are right now, you provide the gentle loving care and tenderness for yourself, expressed by this month’s Divine Dog Wisdom card. Woof!

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