Release, Nurture, Trust

For the month of July, 2019

Enlighten Up LLC features cards from both the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards with words for reflection from Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn.

Cosmic Cat Card: Safety

Divine Dog Card: Allowing

We are arriving at the end of a long 30 year cosmic cycle.  Endings can be challenging or painful, especially if they are a surprise or you are not ready for them.  They can threaten our physical and financial security, even our core identity, our sense of who we are.

In this period, our internal dialogue, the stories we tell ourselves, either move us further into the flow of well-being or keep us in resistance and stuck.  We make a change or shift when the fear of change or the unknown is less than the discomfort or misery we’re in.

This month will bring up what you no longer need for your forward progress. Two eclipses can accentuate a need for releasing and letting go of old stories, patterns and habits that no longer serve. You may have a tendency to resist and stay attached to the old. The changes you’re swimming in are threatening your sense of safety and security.

The invitation is to listen to your feelings and connect with your heart’s desires – no matter how crazy they may seem. Only in this way can you begin to create a nurturing and safe home within, to more powerfully navigate the changes and transitions without.

Where you are going may remain cloudy and hidden while what you feel and desire become more clear. Cultivate trust in yourself that you are right where you are supposed to be. Know that what is under the surface now will be revealed in the next six months. As the self-care giver and gardener of your own life, your job is to water, weed and fertilize the garden, then closely observe what comes to fruition. It will!

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