Tending to Yourself and Good Things to Come

For the month of June, 2019

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Gardener or not, we’ve prepared, renewed and aerated some kind of soil for what’s to come.

We can turn over the old and mix in the new to provide nutrition that will more fully nurture the seeds (our intentions) for what we want to see blossom in our lives and the world.

What we tend now in the garden of our mind and heart may not seem to be growing as quickly as we’d like, but with faith, in the next 3-6 months, a rich harvest is possible.

This is the time of year to pay a lot of attention to the garden of our inner world; our spirit, thoughts, emotions and bodies. We do have all we need in that regard.

This may also be a time to healthfully indulge by slowing down, taking breaks, playing, having fun, even creating space for a little boredom, the kind that provides a break from intense focus on just one thing.

Nature seeks balance amidst chaos and is forever and continuously changing to achieve that balance. It’s a natural law. Humans defy natural law when we resist or ignore the need to tend our own gardens. Every moment of every day we are sending our desires (intentions) out into a responsive Universe, either by focusing our attention on what we don’t want or on what we do want. The Universe doesn’t know the difference between those two. That’s why the old saw applies- be careful what you ask for. We’d say, “be caring” or tending to what you ask for, for you will surely get it, in some form.

In this month and season, where will you give yourself permission to pamper you, make you number one? The only way you can be there for others and give your gifts is if you take care of and tend to yourself.  Balance responsibilities and commitments with self-care, joy, play and fun!  That may involve releasing old beliefs or stories about what you should be doing or what others may need to you to do at the expense of taking care of yourself. What attention does your inner garden need?  Whatever you release is worked into the soil as compost, food for what you will create because you made space for and planted it. Go ahead, indulge in what feeds and fuels your passions and have the faith that all will unfold and unfurl in good time.

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