For the month of April, 2019

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Cards and Guidebooks Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher draw a card from each deck of 60+ cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

Every month, Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher, co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom and Cosmic Cat Wisdom card decks and guidebooks draw a card from each deck after asking for guidance around a central theme for the month.

The theme for May is SELF-WORTH.

Last month we explored what we stand for or our core values as the foundation for a life well-lived, seeds were in the ground and beginning to sprout.

In many parts of the world, the month of May sees luxuriant growth, the unfurling of leaf and breaking open of buds. We admire this beauty all around us. Do we equally admire our own new growth and renewed sense of vibrancy, beauty and self-worth?   

When we stand on the sacred soil of Earth, we all share something universal. The inherent and divine knowledge that our growth is part of this larger surge of life and it’s unstoppable!

Over the course of our lives we have many opportunities to tune into what is new for us, along with what no longer serves. We may consciously but often unconsciously rebel and separate from our parents and societal beliefs in order to discover what was theirs that does not need to be ours.  In doing so we initiate what becomes a lifelong process of shedding old skin and bursting forth into more chapters of our lives. This iterative and seasonal process repeats as we stretch into new realms creating new boundaries and agreements for ourselves and our relationships.

At times this process does not look pretty! In our reach for a new edge, we may become edgy and thrash against others, making them wrong, small or invisible. That thrashing could be struggling against our old cocoon that has us feeling small, wrong or invisible as we begin to emerge from the inside out.

Whatever it looks like for you, you can give yourself permission now to open to the possibilities before you while dropping old scripts and stories that held you back. You are standing in your own self-worth when you embrace others value, not as a threat, but part of the sacred medium in which you and they can thrive. This allowing can become as natural as breathing when you repeatedly make the daily choice to stay with the truth of who you are as a beautiful new shoot rising toward the sun, letting go of resistance to the new and staying in the flow of well-being. Another word for that is Grace.

Note: You can read more about Self-Worth and Grace in the dog and cat card guidebooks.


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