For the month of February, 2019

Every month co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher
draw a card from the deck of 62 cards, after asking for guidance around a central theme  for the month.

The theme for February is CONSOLIDATION, bringing into awareness and solidity those efforts, projects and passions that have been blowing around like seeds looking for a place to get firmly planted, then begin to swell and grow.

Barb drew the LOSS card and Randy drew REST.

Barb shares about the LOSS card she drew:

“This is the Chinese year of the Pig, which among other things orients us to generating new wealth of all kinds. I’m in the process of consolidating what I’ve begun, seen through over a long period and now need to let go of, recognizing its completion.

I know I need to surrender and drop resistance to saying goodbye to a major era in my life that’s coming to a close. It’s not easy or comfortable for me to do that. And, accepting that Loss is often necessary for my next stage of development as important preparation for coming more fully into the big, bold and new manifestations in 2019.”

Randy shares about the Rest card he drew:

“For me the REST I most need is from the constant swirl of thoughts about all that needs to get done and the anxiety that can create within me. I need to REST in the knowledge it will all get done, one step at a time, as I consolidate a number of creative projects, some that have been gestating for a long period. In this Pig year, I see myself harvesting the fat of the land I’ve been cultivating, so I can more generously share my abundance all around.”

Wondering what it might mean when you draw one or more of the 62 cards in the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck related to a theme or question in your life? For a conversation or consultation, contact Barb or Randy for a deeper plunge into your Year of the Pig Possibilities.

February 2019 Card Draw
February 2019 Card Draw

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