“If you fetched this card, it means this is the perfect time to stop and smell the roses, count your blessings, and give thanks for those things that have filled your bowl in life. Perhaps you’ve temporarily forgotten what a gift life is and what others have given to make your life that much richer.

Maybe you’ve unknowingly taken someone for granted at work or play, or someone you encounter during the course of your busy task-filled day. Though gratitude is something you may feel, how often do you express and share it out loud? We can be filled up as much or more than another when we sincerely sing someone’s praises, compliment them, or take time out to acknowledge what they’ve meant to us as we trot down the path of life.

Gratitude is the backbone of a life that grows and appreciates over time. To appreciate means literally to add to something, to increase that which we want. What do you want to grow now or build upon and increase in your life? You can powerfully begin going down that path, averting many a hole and obstacle, when you look at and are grateful for the part of the path you’ve already been shown and for those who’ve shown it to you. Just for the moment, keep it simple: The air you breathe, the water you lap up, the food you devour, the sky above, and the earth beneath your paws  are all easy catches when it comes to finding something to be grateful for…..”

From its signature product The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Enlighten Up LLC features here just one card of 62 with its theme, phrase and some excerpted words for reflection from the deck’s wise and wonderful guidebook by Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn.

Divine Dog Gratitude

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