“If you fetched this card today, it means it’s time to get clear about what you really love—what matters most—and let that be the life you live. It’s time to focus on what would be most ideal for you. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where the lust for life and zest in living are draining away and you no longer know what gets you leaping out of bed in the morning. Or you have so many balls in the air you’re not sure which ones to keep chasing. You may be unsure what will lead to the most satisfaction and keep you in play or what will take you further away from what you really love.

Passion is what makes life worth living. And living a passionate life is an ongoing process of making decisions based on what gives you the greatest joy, then going out and doing and being more of that. Over time, some of your passions may change while others remain the same. But whatever your passions, they can become your faithful guidance in the dog days of summer—or any season of your year or your life—when you continue to sit up, take notice, and take off after those relationships, creative endeavors, business pursuits, or any other activities that get and keep you salivating….”

From its signature product The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Enlighten Up LLC features here just one card of 62 with its theme, phrase and some excerpted words for reflection from the deck’s wise and wonderful guidebook by Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn.

Divine Dog Gratitude

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