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Card decks are becoming increasingly popular among spiritualists, psychologists, persons seeking their own personal development path, and, for others, as a tool for entertainment. But the use of card decks are also highly misunderstood; this likely derives from many old movies featuring scenes of gypsies and fortune tellers using cards to foretell the future. But cartomancers – persons who engage in fortune telling by interpreting a random selection of playing cards – are themselves highly misunderstood. Most cartomancers will explain that neither the cards nor the card readers themselves predict the future; they only pull forward what is in the inquirer’s subconscious mind through the cards the inquirer selects. The cards are merely a tool or conduit for insight. Spiritualists and many psychologists believe that the answer to every question is already inside us; by using a card deck, the user can unlock these answers. Card decks can assist you to tap your own significant inner wisdom. 

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Tarot decks, which have been in use since the 14th century, are one style of divination deck.  They consist of 78 cards built using a specific set of visual conventions — suits, and major and minor arcana – to help the user find answers to their questions. Tarot cards provide significant visual clues from the art on each card, which most often contains significant visual clues, symbols, and ideas which a skilled or well-schooled user can successfully interpret. Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung famously studied tarot and how the cards relate to the subconscious mind.

Today there are also a blossoming number of non-tarot decks called wisdom or oracle decks. These types of decks, for the most part, are not built along specific conventions and do not provide symbolic or psychologically visual clues. Instead, each card within a deck provides a single word or idea to help bring forward the answers to the user’s inquiries. An accompanying booklet, written by the deck author, can also offer deeper insight into the card’s core element or value. Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards fall into this category.  

Wisdom card decks were not specifically designed for divination but can be used for that purpose. They are built to provide a wide range of answers through the large number of attributes contained in the decks. These attributes – which consist of emotions, ideas, values, and core life goals – can often point the user in a specific direction by offering an idea on which the user can build by engaging in more or less of a particular thing. Wisdom card decks also tap the significant wisdom in our own subconscious mind, which many believe flows directly from a Creator or Source.  Even if you don’t believe in some transcendent power, card decks can offer insight, direction, and the possibilities and potential which is uniquely yours. 

Cards from wisdom card decks can be drawn singly or several at a time.  The use of a specific card spread – cards arranged to provide answers in a specific order – is not needed.  Instead, you can choose a single card each day, or several according to what feels right to you at the time. You need not ask a specific question about a specific issue, person, or event; you can merely ask what you need to know or be aware of in the moment. Yet wisdom cards can provide significant guidance and also lead you to inquire what the card means to you personally, which can send you spiraling forward down your own personal development path. Wisdom card users don’t need special training to interpret a set of symbols, but most often the card itself still provides important subliminal clues to help you unlock your profound wisdom. You can also use these cards as a focal point for meditation. By keeping a journal where you list the cards you select, and your reactions to these cards, you will also notice important themes emerging.  Noting the continuous appearance or pattern of selecting a card or set of cards can offer you compelling life guidance. 

We hope you will enjoy Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards and use them daily for your lifetime.  The more you use a set of cards, including ours, the more conversant you will become in seeking and finding your own guidance. We wish you bon voyage on this exciting journey!

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