From Karin Lubin, Ed.D.
Creator of My Life Through The Seasons: A Wisdom Journal and Planner

The Power of Journaling with the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

I love early mornings looking out my window, often greeted by pink and purple splashes across the sky at sunrise. With my steaming cup of coffee, I settle in with my journal and wisdom card decks. This is my perfect way to begin another day!

As creator of a theme-based journal series that follows four seasons, I can choose from a list of words in the journal that help me set intentions for the day and write those down. I especially enjoy picking a card from either the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck or the Cosmic Cat Wisdom deck to help me shed light on what the day may bring or what I can focus on to get the most out of my day.

As I do this I’m immediately tapping into my subconscious, allowing the card imagery and concepts to “speak” to me and provide a ready source of focus and reflection. Though it’s a random pick from the deck of dozens of cards, whether the theme of the card is Passion, Patience or perhaps Contentment that shows up from the dog deck or Nurture, Prosperity or Friendship from the cat deck, I can always count on it being the right card and theme for me in the moment. Sometimes I’ll pick a card and want more information about it, so I pick another card to see what else comes. If I pick a card with the theme of Anger or Grudge, qualities or experiences that are all a part of life, I may pick another card to “balance,” out what I call the shadow.

Journal with the Wisdom Cards and Karin’s Book

And so, with the wisdom of the card tapping into my own inner wisdom, I simply ask, “What is my intention for the day?” or “What is best for me to focus on today?” and write that down before moving on the other questions for exploration in my structured journal.

I’ve become quite devoted to journaling and incorporating the Divine Dog and Cosmic cat cards as a fun and provocative aspect to the experience. I even take the cards camping, as I don’t want to miss out on what they may have to say when I’m in the great outdoors. Each deck has a wild card and those can help you be ready for anything!

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