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Flapjack Shortstack

Meet Flapjack Shortstack

EnlightenUp, LLC has ‘adopted’ Kitten Associates, a cat rescue/foster organization that rescues, fosters, and re-adopts both kittens and full grown cats, and often cats with special needs, has taken on a new and significant challenge:  a physically-challenged kitten named Flapjack Shortstack.  Flapjack is unable to walk because of leg deformities, but one vet believes he can help the kitten to walk through a series of surgeries to straighten his legs. Kitten Associates is running a fundraiser to obtain the funds needed for little Flap, as they call him.

Kitten Associates

Kitten Associates is an award-winning, all-volunteer, home-foster based, non-profit cat rescue located in Sandy Hook, CT. Founded in 2010, by Robin AF Olson and Sam Moore, Kitten Associates’ mission is to save pregnant cats and orphan kittens at high-risk of being euthanized in kill-shelters, or from dangerous conditions where friendly strays are abandoned. Their foster-home network provides a loving environment where the focus is on ensuring that each and every cat gets the most thorough vet care and highest quality nutrition. One of their core principals is that good food builds vitality and leads to a long, healthy life. They’re one of the few rescues in the country that feeds a fresh diet and uses a holistic approach to wellness.

Kitten Associates

To help keep cats from losing their home in the first place, Olson created a free cat behavior hotline available to anyone who needs it. She also spearheaded, “Kitties for Kids,” a program that encouraged local kids and their families to take part in therapeutic play sessions featuring foster kittens, as a way for her broken-hearted community to heal after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

Kitten Associates is entirely funded by donations from the general public. Please help us to help Flap! Can you spare the price of a latte or even more to help this very worthy rescue to raise the funds they need?

For more information visit:, or via their Facebook page: Kitten Associates, or via e-mail at

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