From Sal, a Human Resource professional

Sal, a Human Resource professional had been working in her mid-size (400 employees) company for several years before she came across the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat card decks. An avid lover of both dogs and cats, with a retriever and a Siamese kitty at home, one day it occurred to her to bring her decks to work and put them in the coffee room. They were an instant hit, even for those who said they had no pets at home. Then Sal had an even better idea when she saw how at ease people were handling the cards and gazing intently at the images.

“So, Rebecca, what can I do for you today? Your line supervisor said that you’d been doing great work but had some issues with one of your co-workers that seemed distracting for both of you. He thought we might be able to discuss whatever was going on offline so to speak to give you a chance to share what’s going on.”

Rebecca stares at her shoes for a moment, then looks up with a pained expression.

Dog Instinct

“Well, I really try to do my best, and just when I’m about to complete some task, this person, always the same one, comes over, looks at what I’ve done, then offers some crappy critical comments, and tells me I could do better. She’s not even my boss!”

“Hmmm, that can’t feel good. Would you be willing to describe a little more in detail what you and she are doing together in this work group, what you’re trying to accomplish?”

Sal steers the conversation in what she hopes to be some fruitful directions, as she sees that this person is sincere but may have some difficulty communicating her own needs and setting boundaries with her co-workers. The company culture and expressed values around cooperation and collaboration are something she needs to uphold, and she wants to do it in a way that can be heard by the employee, so she asks the employee if she’d be willing to look at a couple cards in the Divine Dog Wisdom deck for fun and insight. A little surprised, the employee says yes, so Sal thumbs through the deck and picks two cards, Expression and Collaboration, cards that offer insight into some of the topics they’d begun discussing. And instead of pulling out a company manual, she reads from the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck guidebook, what is written about each card and its theme. While she’s reading, she notices the employee nodding her head several times.

“That was really helpful! I get how I have not been sticking up for myself, and it’s been taking its toll,” said Rebecca. “And I get how this person and I could really be teaming up, because we are working on the same project with the same deadline for an outcome we both want. Before I go today can I look at more of those cards?”

“Sure, no problem, Rebecca. And by the way, I left the whole deck in the coffee room. I guess you never saw them there. I wonder if someone took them home?”

Don’t be bashful, share your stories with us. You never know who it could help or touch!

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From Sal, a Human Resource professional Sal, a Human Resource professional had been working in her mid-size (400 employees) company for several years before she came across the Divine Dog [...]