Dogs, a November Netflix Release 6 Part Docuseries

The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards explore our relationship with canine wisdom, spirit and companionship, focusing our awareness and attention to gain a greater sense of meaning and purpose for our lives.

The newly released Netflix series Dogs does the same through story telling.  Each dog and its unique story takes place in a different part of the world yet expresses the universal themes of a dog’s commitment and devotion to humans.  Despite the challenging conditions we often unconsciously create for ourselves and our dogs, they endure, they thrive, and they show us how to make every day count.  

Get your tissue box out because you’re sure to be emotionally touched, something any good story about dogs is guaranteed to do.  From New York to Japan and places in between we see our common humanity through our common bond with dogs.

The artful cinematography of Dogs brings you so close to each dog, you feel like you are looking into their soul. Each 50 minute episode  illuminates a particular social issue, a cultural difference, a personal suffering and how dogs, if we let them, can help us understand and overcome the artificial divisions we’ve created between members of our own species.  

In one episode we see the challenges of those who truly need and benefit from the services and gifts of guide dogs. In another, we see how war tears families and their pets apart. Then we learn about traditions of living off the land and water, and how they are sustained by the aid of dogs.  We enter the life of a dog groomer to discover what an honor and skill it is to co-create with our beloveds. We get to visit the largest rescue operation in the world, learn how it was created and why it’s needed in a world where we ‘love’ our pets. We witness a Japanese dog birthday party and the abandonment of dogs in Costa Rica, tossed aside like an empty soda can.

Each special dog is in and helps to define a world of its own. The owner of Ice has to grapple with the decline of an important lake’s fishery, Zeus’s owners are forced to navigate the separation of family during war and maybe forever. Rory and Max help their respective owners with health and self-worth challenges.

The series concludes with an exploration of the incredible diversity of life in New York City, where there are more dogs than there are people in Cleveland, because New Yorker’s love to rescue dogs.

Dogs doesn’t provide any answers, it simply tells powerful stories about our humanity in the context of our dependence on, and need for connection and help that only these dogs can provide. Great for family and friend viewing and potential for memory making discussions, this series is screen-time well spent!   

Dogs, a Review of the November Netflix Release 6 Part Docuseries

A definite four paws up rating from EnlightenUp!  

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