For the month of October, 2018

From its signature product The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Enlighten Up LLC features one of 62 cards with its theme, phrase and some excerpted words for reflection from the deck’s wise and wonderful guidebook by Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn.

What It Means if You Fetched This Card Today

This month’s theme is straight from the Divine Dog Wisdom Card  Calendar—BREAKTHROUGH: Be Bold—a divine dog card we recommend you intentionally draw to see what “breakthrough” could mean for you in this season and time in your life.

Although breakthrough is a compound word that begins with “break,” which can seem jarring, the second word “through,” suggests a way, an opening, perhaps an opportunity that would not have occurred without some kind of break from something—work, a relationship, an old habit, way of being or doing something.

What break are you already aware of or in the process of taking or making? The dog in the photo above is definitely busting through a fence, seemingly to see what may be on the other side. We frequently don’t know what that is, but it can feel good to just break loose for awhile to see what emerges, what might be possible when we don’t let fences blind us, bind us or keep us captive.  Or maybe we do imagine what we’re after, but can’t quite leave the safety of the known, even when it’s unpleasant!

We want to encourage you to get off leash this month, be bold and take a new stance, one that can open into new territory for your work, your relationships, your fun, recreation and creativity! You don’t need to wait for a breakthrough, (that may not come), but can go ahead and bust through to a new experience for you, of the kind that can lift you to a fresh perspective or better feeling.

Breakthrough: Be Bold

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