For the month of August, 2018

From its signature product The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Enlighten Up LLC features one of 62 cards with its theme, phrase and some excerpted words for reflection from the deck’s wise and wonderful guidebook by Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn.

This month’s card on the Divine Dog Wisdom calendar is “Honor.” It’s all about giving yourself and others credit where credit is due, honor as a verb. And not holding back on compliments for yourself and others. Authentic acknowledgement lights people up and makes the world a far better place for all. See what the Divine Dog Wisdom Card Guidebook has to say about “Honor.”

What It Means if You Fetched This Card Today

If you fetched this card, it means that you can rightly claim some achievement for yourself and deserve a pat on the head or stroke on the back. Or it’s time to give that recognition to others.

Perhaps you need to acknowledge certain people in your life more fully, crediting them for their contributions to your care and feeding over time and honoring them for their devotion to you. Maybe you’ve missed an opportunity to express to these mothers, fathers, caregivers, teachers, and mentors your gratitude and appreciation. The sacrifices they’ve made and their commitment to their own highest ideals now affect how you view and live your own life. So this is the time to recognize, salute, and applaud those people, whatever their creed or breed, whether friend far afield or close to home in your own litter.

If you’re holding back on acknowledging your own contributions or gifts to others for fear of standing out or seeming arrogant and superior, it’s time to take a fur-lough from that false humility and scratch out a new territory of self-recognition. Take the acclaim and commendation for yourself, keeping score of your achievements in equal or greater measure than you keep score of your deficits.

Perhaps someone is honoring you and you’re not hearing or receiving that treat. Perhaps your training has you turning down compliments. Receiving well is as important as giving. Accept the treat with grace and allow the exchange to come full circle.

And finally, honoring yourself simply for who you are, apart from anything you’ve done, honors Creation and all its creatures—you not the least among them. You are enough in this moment.

Another Bone to Chew On

Honor can be spoken, written, danced, sung, ritualized, or expressed in ceremony or art. Whether you’re being called to honor others or yourself, or to allow others to honor you, make it a heartfelt act or exchange instead of bowing out. If you honor a quality or characteristic in another, realize that if it weren’t in you, you couldn’t see it in them. In that way, honoring is always mutual.

Think of a quality you admire in another, and write down how you see yourself embodying that characteristic as a way to honor yourself.

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