Picked A Card for Your Dog(s) Yet?

Here’s a cool share from an excited and enthusiastic friend, certainly enthusiastic about her dogs, as so many of you are, but also pretty delighted with what comes up with these 62 beautiful cards!

“So originally, I ordered two Divine Dogs for Jan and another dog loving friend. The day after they arrived, I ordered five more!

When Jan opened hers, she drew a card for Mae and a card for Moon before she drew one for herself. It was uncanny how the cards for the dogs were so spot on for each of their personalities, which are quite different even though from the same litter.

Mae and Moon’s mother is a Great Pyrenees and their father is a Lhasa Apso. Mae is a bit more Great Pyrenees and drew the Protection card, so true to her nature of staying a bit aloof, ever vigilant and ready to act.

Moon, who has more of the Lhasa Apso qualities, drew Faith and indeed she mostly kicks back and waits for her treats to come– and they always do!

Often in the early morning Mae may hear a sound and go from sleep to a full on run to the door in a second, while Moon looks up, takes a second to contemplate its importance and lets her head fall back down with a deep sigh, then back to sleep knowing Mae is on it.

I really enjoy the readings for each card in the guidebook and the way you kept to the dog life while speaking deeply and disarmingly to human themes and challenges. Good for you guys. I am sure I’ll be ordering more!”

– Johanna Atman, California

So now you may be wondering what cards might come up for your dogs. If you’re new to the whole concept, remember you can use these cards to discover what your theme for the day might be, to give you insight into a question you have or a decision you are trying to make. So many dogcards, so little time—or maybe it’s just the right time to sit and stay, pull a card from the deck and be surprised!

There are at least as many ways to use your Divine Dog Wisdom Deck, as there are breeds of dogs. Even some co-creators Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher may not have thought of yet! How have you played or worked with them?

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