Right Under Your Nose. What is in your blind spot you are ready to see?  Where have you been digging the wrong hole, chasing the wrong ball or marking the wrong territory?  Avoiding clarity can sometimes feel safer or less threatening distracting you from your real purpose, path, bark and play.  Sometimes clarity is there, we just don’t like the message, loss of control or identity it may deliver. The clarity you seek is right under your nose, what are you missing, not seeing or accepting about yourself or your life that if you did would change everything? What and who can help you seek that bone?

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) I have many roles and obligations, stories and beliefs that keep me in a groove but perhaps not the path to the real treat I meant to experience and co-create.  Help me notice and acknowledge the synchronicity and messages that are lighting my path and the courage to stop doing what is keeping me from listening and acting and start doing what is life affirming and in my highest good.

Dog Card Prayer for Clarity

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