Choose Non Action: Do you give yourself time you just ‘be’? D0 nothing – in spite of the list of things to do, places to go and people to see?  Do you value doing nothing? What comes up when you just ‘be’? Can you meet yourself there – anxious, restless, guilt, tension or perhaps, peace, contentment, calm?  Maybe ideas, maybe emptiness that oddly feels spacious?  We are not meant to go physically or mentally 24/7.  It is in the non-action we can hear our inner wisdom, guidance, the next idea or the clarity we seek.  The gift of a breath of just being, watching the clouds, listening to the sounds and smelling the smells. Being brings you back to yourself – in the present.  All healing, all choice and action occurs in the present.

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) when I spend too much precious life energy attached to the past, worrying about the future, going hard and fast without ever stopping, gracefully stop me. Gently remind me the value and power of being, returning to my essence and remembering I do not have to do or be anything to be of worth and worthy of love. Being reminds me of my own divinity. 

Cat Card Prayer- Be

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