Contentment is in Hand (paw). Are you feeling good, filled and joyful? Perhaps you are and it is hard to allow that when there is so much suffering, pain, grief, uncertainty and chaos around you.  Or maybe you want to feel better, more joy and contentment for what is present in the now.  Contentment is a state of allowance, openness without attachment to more, a “just as it is right now okayness”. It is a breath, a pause, a rest that says I am ok right now as I am, independent of what is going on externally, and I can access that inner bliss, peace and calm.  Anything less is a state of contraction and resistance and thus a cur-tailing of our access to bliss. 

Prayer: Universe (or your Divinity) help me remember my ability to cultivate bliss contentment here and now by choice. Not as a way to ignore or avoid reality and challenges, but as a path to bring bliss and peace in the outer world by accessing it myself.  It might be a fleeting moment or a frozen minute in time and for that kiss with bliss I am willing to create it and share it with the world.

Cat Card Prayer: Bliss

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