The Passion Principle

The Passion Principle


What do all successful and happy people have in common? They are fueled by passion! If you yearn for more excitement, involvement, and purpose in your life then all you need to do is find or rekindle your sense of passion—and this book shows you how.

It’s passion that makes life worth living. It jolts you out of bed in the morning excited, involved and ready to engage. It’s the universal key to unlocking personal and business success. When you love what you do, you do your best. And it’s infectious! Others see your drive, focus and fulfillment and want what you’re having.

In The Passion Principle, Drs. Hutchison and Crutcher have gathered the relevant research and presented it in this beautifully accessible book for creating and pumping more passion into everyday life.


The Passion Principle: How to Live Your Most Passionate Life

How to Feel Good About Yourself No Matter What

The Passion Principle features famous and everyday people’s stories, those who’ve lived and are living what made them feel most alive, and kept them focused on their larger sense of purpose. You’ll be given an inside look into the positive psychology of passion and proven methods to discover, live and sustain what makes your own special journey and unique path the one you most love.

Ready to create your own roadmap to the treasures that lie within and without, uncovering and unleashing the authentic power of your true passionate self? Using the series of guided experiences and targeted exercises, The Passion Principle will help you get crystal clear about your dreams while helping you remove obstacles that block you from achieving your most passion-filled life—getting you from where you are now to where you most want to be—or something even better!

Practical ‘How-to’ Tools

Inside these pages you’ll also find:

  • Positive Psychology studies that support your individual quest for happiness and fulfillment.
  • A tool for exploring your past, present and potential future connection to passion in your life that helps you get the big picture of YOU.
  • A method for revealing the underlying elements that most feed your heart and soul.
  • A process for translating your passion elements into a plan for everyday life that will systematically help you actualize and live your passions.
  • Exercises that help sustain your passion by keeping you in flow, in gratitude, and savoring life to its fullest.
  • What you can do to have your greatest impact in creating a world that works for everyone.

With its firm foundation in psychological research and hands-on activities, The Passion Principle is a comprehensive resource for therapists, counselors, teachers, HR professionals, team leaders, and organization builders.

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