What are Tandem Healings?

The animals you share your life with mirror similar core emotional wounds, repressed emotions and sometimes even physical ailments. At a soul level, you and your animal agreed to come together for greater healing of similar emotional wounds. For example, abandonment, betrayal, and invasiveness are a few of  the core emotional wounds animals frequently mirror with their people.

Discover the soul healing contracts you have with your animal through Tandem Healings™. These sacred agreements were created for your mutual growth, transformation, and evolution.

Meet Tammy Billups

Tammy Billups is a Certified Interface Therapist, Author, Holistic Healer for animals and people, creator of Tandem Healings™, and authority on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. She’s facilitated thousands of healing sessions nationwide, has been on podcasts, radio shows and television, (Oprah, CNN’s The Daily Share, PrimeTime Live ABC). Tammy is the author of Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions, and the upcoming Animal Soul Contracts; and has produced two guided meditation CD’s as tools to expedite deep emotional healing. She produces and facilitates a monthly Praying Paws Animal Service and donates weekly sessions to animal rescue centers.

Tammy lives outside of Atlanta, GA, with her two cats, brothers Bodhi and Rumi, adopted from Good Mews Animal Rescue.

Tips for Healing with Your Pet