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EnlightenUp is proud to Partner with Kitten Associates and feature one kitten per month that is available for adoption.

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About Kitten Associates

Kitten Associates is an award-winning, all-volunteer, home-foster based, non-profit cat rescue located in Sandy Hook, CT. Founded in 2010 by Robin A.F. Olson and Sam Moore, Kitten Associates’ mission is to save high-risk pregnant cats and orphan kittens from being euthanized in kill-shelters, or from dangerous conditions where friendly strays are abandoned. Their foster-home network provides a loving environment where the focus is on ensuring that each and every cat gets the most thorough vet care and highest quality nutrition. One of their core principles is that good food builds vitality and leads to a long, healthy life. They are one of the few rescues in the country that provides a fresh diet and uses a holistic approach to wellness.

To help keep cats from losing their home in the first place, Olson created a free cat behavior hotline available to anyone who needs it. She also spearheaded “Kitties for Kids,” a program that encouraged local kids and their families to take part in therapeutic play sessions featuring foster kittens as a way for her broken-hearted community to heal after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

Kitten Associates is entirely funded by donations from the general public. Rescuing kittens can cost thousands of dollars (some special-needs kitties can generate a tab for $8,000 or more!).