What is Animal Communication?

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you or what your cat is thinking? While our pets can’t speak English, they can have much to say. The bonds we feel with our pets are very real, maybe we have chosen each other in this lifetime, or have known each other before.

Art, images and feelings can translate non-human information in order to facilitate interspecies communication.

Meet Jane de Forest

Artist. Intuitive. Author. Animal Communicator.

With her intuitive art technique, Jane often draws exact renderings, and translates meaningful messages from people & animals who are in the Afterlife. In her sessions, and “Message From Beyond” gallery readings, Jane accesses factual information about people & places at distant locations (and times), called “remote viewing”.

Jane has done intuitive sessions with personal, animal and business clients for 20 years. As a professional artist, Jane has painted murals and personal canvases and her artwork is in collections all over the world, including in the houses of Martin Sheen & Jane Goodall. 

Tips for Communicating with Your Pets

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