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Diminish Overwhelm—Deepen Peace, The Fall Edition Journal

My Life Through The Season: A Wisdom Journal and Planner created by Karin Lubin, Ed.D.

Get the journal in combination with the Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards, the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, or both!

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Diminish Overwhelm—Deepen Peace, The Fall Edition Journal

A journal for each season, each with a different theme, helps you consciously connect your inner experience, thoughts and feelings to the wonders and cycles of nature and the larger energies and forces supporting you. 

This fall the focus is on your health and well-being.  Each day in this structured journal you’re asked a question to help you harvest a fresh perspective on your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Questions like  “How do I handle disruption in life? How can I accept my body as it is right now?

Journal pages provide you with daily information about the moon and special planetary events that help you tune into the outer world while questions stimulate a daily exploration of your thinking and source of feelings. You’ll also find on the two pages for each day an affirmation around your well-being, and a place to write your intentions and what you are grateful for followed by an invitation to list a few actions that would give you a greater sense of wholeness and satisfaction when completed.  

The Fall Edition of the journal invites you to record all you’ve nurtured and created; visions, projects, work in the world. In this way you can begin collecting your “seeds” and preserving them over the winter so that you consciously plant what you want more of in your life the following season. This structured journaling experience supports you to be mindful of your inner landscape so you can be clear and compassionate with yourself in a new and refreshing way.

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